About Us
Imagine being able to control your AstralPool pool system anytime, anywhere. Now you can, with ConnectMyPool. This app, in combination with the Internet Gateway module, allows you to view and control your pool system from anywhere in the world. The available features of this app depend upon your pool system’s configuration, but include: 
  • View your pool’s current water temperature. 
  • View and change your heater’s set-point temperature. 
  • Turn on and off your pool equipment, including pumps, valves, blowers, and more. 
  • Turn on and off your pool lighting, and change their colours. 
  • Activate any of your customised Favourites. 
Please note that this app works in tandem with the Internet Gateway module. This module MUST be installed in your pool system for this app to function. The module can be obtained from your pool installer or local AstralPool representative. Visit their website for more information.
The Internet Gateway module acts as a bridge between your pool system and the internet. As such, it will require access to your home internet connection. The Internet Gateway can use either a wireless (Wi-Fi) or wired (Ethernet) connection.